Double Wide Double Inlet Air Foil Blowers

DWDI-AF blowers have been designed with state-of-the-art computation fluid dynamics software to bring you efficiency and quietness never before seen in a double inlet blower.
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  • Available in sized 122 through 445
  • Aluminum airfoil wheel design
  • Discharge Orientations: BHD, THD, DWD, UWD
  • Integral lifting feature
  • Full AMCA class I & II construction available
  • Pressure performance up to 13” WG
  • Compact size
  • Piezometer rings for airflow measurement
  • Adapter mounted bearings
  • Availability of extended life bearings (L50 life of 500,000 hours)
  • Low inertia aluminum impellers
  • Staggered blades for improved noise performance
  • Extruded aluminum airfoil blades provide strength and consistent performance
  • Seamed housing provides structural reinforcement and reduces potential for corrosion compared to welded housing
  • Housing and internal baffle design optimize the flow pattern at the discharge to improve efficiency and reduce noise performance